Redefining the bed as iconic furniture.


This design reinterprets convention ideas of what a bed is. Here, the bed is redefined as an iconic piece of furniture. It creates a statement with its slim, sleek and comfort headboard, which also serves as an ergonomic backrest. Its sensual profile and elevated bedframe evoke notions of stunning, modernist pieces of Italian furniture.


A bathroom is more than just a utilitarian room


A bathroom is more than just a utilitarian room for cleansing. It is a sacred space for rejuvenation - one where we seek refuge from the stresses of our daily grind.

In designing a bathroom, detail is everything. Instead of unsightly, conventional drainage outlets, a concealed, linear stainless steel drainage tray allows for efficient drainage while maintaining a clean, refined look.


Romantic Sanctuary


The TV console design cleverly combines storage and entertainment needs - all clutter of electronics and wiring are kept concealed, but within easy reach. Concealed lighting strips enhance the lightness of the overall look, making the cabinet appear to gently float.


A long day at work builds up to a highly-anticipated return to one's home - and abode of comfort, personal style and warm, fuzzy feelings.


This living space is carved out of the essential elements which create and ideal, living space: distinctive beauty, ergonomic form, lush material, ambient, mood living and other thoughtful details like accessories.



Kitchen interprets the widespread desire for practicality and elegance


A sensation suggested by new components such as handles and counter tops of various thicknesses, the use of light equipped panels and white and natural marble finishes. Technically evolved solutions and fundamental design components that guarantee original compositions for even the smallest of kitchen.