The OSC Collective employs the world’s best designers and architects to elevate your space to the next level.



We make beautiful things that work. In general, our design philosophy can be broken down into five components; Beauty, Function, Practicality, Durability and Safety.


A luxurious home is one that meets not just the needs of the habitants but also fulfills all aspects of his lifestyle and aspirations. It should be a home that is inspired – it could consist of a curated collection of art work, designer furniture, books and other material that epitomise the owner’s passions and motivations.


We believe these small, fine details are what make or break a design. Similarly, in interior or furniture design, the same amount of meticulous detail is desirable – from the hand-stitched upholstery of an armchair to the polished stainless steel strips that line every groove, edge or corner in a room are hallmarks of refinement and design sophistication.